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1995-10-11 11:40:40 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>


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1: + NAME +  kill - send signal to other process    -  + SYNTAX +  int kill(int pid, int signal) +  + DESCRIPTION +  Kill sends a signal to another process. If something goes wrong +  -1 is returned, 0 otherwise. +  +  Some signals and their supposed purpose: +  +  SIGHUP Hangup, sent to process when user logs out +  SIGINT Interrupt, normally sent by ctrl-c +  SIGQUIT Quit, sent by ctrl-\ +  SIGILL Illegal instruction +  SIGTRAP Trap, mostly used by debuggers +  SIGABRT Aborts process, can be caught, used by uLPC whenever something +  goes seriously wrong. +  SIGBUS Bus error +  SIGFPE Floating point error (such as division by zero) +  SIGKILL Really kill a process, cannot be caught +  SIGUSR1 Signal reserved for whatever you want to use it for. +  SIGSEGV Segmentation fault, caused by accessing memory where you +  shouldn't. Should never happen to uLPC. +  SIGUSR2 Signal reserved for whatever you want to use it for. +  SIGALRM Signal used for timer interrupts. +  SIGTERM Termination signal +  SIGSTKFLT Stack fault +  SIGCHLD Child process died +  SIGCONT Continue suspended +  SIGSTOP Stop process +  SIGSTP Suspend process +  SIGTTIN tty input for background process +  SIGTTOU tty output for background process +  SIGXCPU Out of cpu +  SIGXFSZ File size limit exceeded +  SIGPROF Profile trap +  SIGWINCH Window change signal +  +  Note that you have to use signame to translate the name of a signal +  to it's number. +  + SEE ALSO +  signal, signum, signame, files/fork +  +    Newline at end of file added.