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2016-05-08 18:34:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Master: Improved type for bool.

1778:    error("Function %O is missing from master.pike.\n", e);       - // This gives the type int(1..1)|zero, which is more close to reality + // This gives the type int(0..1), which is more close to reality   // than the enum type (aka int(1..1))   //   // doing the add_constant on the typeof directly gives int(1..1)   // instead, since the same "optimization" of the type is done in that   // case. -  typeof(0)|typeof(1) _bool_type; -  add_constant("bool",typeof(_bool_type)); +  add_constant("bool", typeof([int(0..1)](mixed)0));       add_constant("__dirnode", dirnode);    add_constant("__joinnode", joinnode);