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2016-10-20 09:49:16 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

MasterObject: RESOLV_DEBUG should now work again.

Running indices (or values()) on directory nodes is not a good idea,
as that forces them to load all of their content, which is likely to
cause strange errors.

3109:    foreach(tmp,string index) {    resolv_debug("indexing %O with %O...\n",    ret, index); -  resolv_debug("indices(%O): %O\n", ret, indices(ret)); +  // NB: Running indices() on directory nodes will force them to load +  // all their content, which is probably NOT what you want... +  // resolv_debug("indices(%O): %O\n", ret, indices(ret));    if (undefinedp(ret)) break;    ret = ret[index];    }