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2014-05-08 16:09:11 by Martin Nilsson <>

Incompatible change for multibyte get/put_var_uint_array ADT.struct calles. The SSL specification, which is was made for, stores the number of bytes in the array size description, while this implementation stored the number of elements. Either one works fine for 1 byte arrays, which this was used for. Changed to use the byte size.

429:   ]], "x3:0")      test_eq([[ ADT.struct()->add_data("hej")->put_uint(1,2)->put_var_string("hi",1)->put_bignum(Gmp.mpz(1),1)->put_fix_string("x")->put_fix_uint_array(({6,7}),1)->put_var_uint_array(({6,7}),1,1)->pop_data() ]], "hej\0\1\2hi\1\1x\6\7\2\6\7") + test_eq([[ ADT.struct()->put_var_uint_array(({6,7}),2,2)->pop_data() ]], "\0\4\0\6\0\7")         dnl ADT.Queue