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2001-05-05 15:18:49 by Mirar (Pontus Hagland) <>

removing "AutoDOC mk II" conversion
YMD.pmod: adding : to day/time separator in dwim

Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Calendar.pike:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Coptic.pmod:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Discordian.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Event.pmod:1.13
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Gregorian.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/ISO.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Islamic.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Julian.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Language.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Roman.pmod:1.5
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Ruleset.pike:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Stardate.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Swedish.pmod:1.6
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TZnames.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod:1.13
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TimeRanges.pmod:1.17
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Timezone.pmod:1.18
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/YMD.pmod:1.31

1: + //! + //! module Calendar + //! submodule Discordian   //! The Discordian calendar, as described on page 34   //! in the fourth edition of Principia Discordia.   //!
13:   //! The Principia calls months "seasons", but for simplicity I   //! call them months in this calendar.   //! - //! If anyone knows more about how to treat the leap day - now it is + //! If anyone know more about how to treat the leap day - now it is   //! inserted in the month and week where it lands, rather then being   //! separated from month and weeks, I'm interested to know.   //!   //! - Mirar, Pope of POEE. -  + //!      // the discordian calendar follows the gregorian years, very practical ;)