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2001-01-10 12:28:47 by Mirar (Pontus Hagland) <>

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Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/FAQ:1.3

312:   -------------------------------------------------------------------------      Q: I don't like that weeks starts on Mondays. -  Every school kids knows that weeks starts on Sundays. +  Every school kids knows that weeks start on Sundays.    - A: According to the ISO 8601 standard, weeks starts on mondays. + A: According to the ISO 8601 standard, weeks start on mondays.       If you don't like it, edit the Calendar.pmod/localization.h    file to use the Gregorian calendar instead of the ISO.
369:      -------------------------------------------------------------------------    + Q: My timezone says it's DST. It's wrong. +  + A: No it isn't. But: +  +  o The local timezone detector failed to find your timezone by +  itself, or found the wrong timezone. +  +  o or you use the wrong timezone. +  +  To make sure the right timezone is used, use the standard +  timezone names. Those aren't "CET" or "PST", but +  "Europe/Amsterdam" or "America/Dawson". +  +  You can tune the default timezone by editing +  Calendar.pmod/localization.h. +  +  OR this may be in the future and you have a changed DST +  rule and uses an old Pike. Then you can either download +  a new version or download new timezone data files from +  the ftp address below (if the internet still is there). +  + ------------------------------------------------------------------------- +    Q: The regional events and nameday files are awesome. May I use    them for a project separate from Pike?