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2016-07-14 08:23:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Calendar [FAQ]: Removed references to localization.h.

localization.h is no more, so don't refer to it.

88:    julian day numbers?      A: Julian day numbers are used as the internal representation -  for the day, and for most other bigger-then-time-of-day calculations. +  for the day, and for most other bigger-than-time-of-day calculations.       > Calendar.Day("julian",2454545);    Result: Day(Wed 19 Mar 2008)
248:      A: Yes.    -  Calendar.Day is really a shortcut to Calendar.ISO.Day; -  this is tuned in the localization.h file. +  Calendar.Day is really a shortcut to Calendar.ISO.Day.       There is currently:   
396:      A: According to the ISO 8601 standard, weeks start on mondays.    -  If you don't like it, edit the Calendar.pmod/localization.h -  file to use the Gregorian calendar instead of the ISO. +  If you don't like it, use Calendar.Gregorian.Day, etc.    -  Or use Calendar.Gregorian.Day, etc. -  +    -------------------------------------------------------------------------      Q: How do I find out which days are red in a specific region?
432:      Q: How accurate are the events information?    - A: For some regions, very. For most region, not very. + A: For some regions, very. For most regions, not very.       The first reason is lack of information of this kind on    the web, especially sorted into useful rules (like "the
445:    events/regions file and send me <> a patch.       Don't send me "the x region is all wrong!" mails without -  telling me how it should look. +  telling me what it should look like.      -------------------------------------------------------------------------   
462:    timezone names. Those aren't "CET" or "PST", but    "Europe/Amsterdam" or "America/Dawson".    -  You can tune the default timezone by editing -  Calendar.pmod/localization.h. -  +     OR this may be in the future and you have a changed DST    rule and uses an old Pike. Then you can either download    a new version or download new timezone data files from