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2008-02-07 01:39:53 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixes to make it possible to write a compat wrapper for this module: Did
away with all .Foo style identifiers since they _always_ result in a lookup
in the same directory as the current file, even when it's included from
somewhere else.

So if e.g. lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod is #include'd from
lib/7.6/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod (which we must do to compile it
all in #pike 7.6 mode), and the included Time.pmod contains a reference
.Ruleset, that reference will be resolved in lib/modules/Calendar.pmod.
That's odd and probably buggy, since one would reasonably expect cpp stuff
like #include to be completely transparent for the resolver.

Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Austrian.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Badi.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Calendar.pike:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Coptic.pmod:1.7
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Discordian.pmod:1.11
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Event.pmod:1.23
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Gregorian.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/ISO.pmod:1.9
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Islamic.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Julian.pmod:1.10
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Language.pmod:1.24
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Ruleset.pike:1.15
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Stardate.pmod:1.16
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Swedish.pmod:1.8
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Time.pmod:1.41
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/TimeRanges.pmod:1.34
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/Timezone.pmod:1.40
Rev: lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/YMD.pike:1.29

20:   //! what to call years before 1 - go for "BH"; positive   //! years are "AH", anno Hegirac.    - inherit .YMD:YMD; + inherit Calendar.YMD:YMD;      #include "constants.h"