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2019-02-06 22:17:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to tzdata2018g.

17:   'diff -u old/europe new/europe >myfix.patch', and attach   myfix.patch to the email.    - For more-elaborate changes, please read the theory.html file and browse - the mailing list archives <> for - examples of patches that tend to work well. Additions to - data should contain commentary citing reliable sources as - justification. Citations should use https: URLs if available. + For more-elaborate or possibly-controversial changes, + such as renaming, adding or removing zones, please read + <> or the file + theory.html. It is also good to browse the mailing list archives + <> for examples of patches that tend + to work well. Additions to data should contain commentary citing + reliable sources as justification. Citations should use https: URLs + if available.      Please submit changes against either the latest release in   <> or the master branch of the development