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2016-04-10 20:35:37 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to tzdata2016c.

5:   PACKAGE= tzcode      # Version numbers of the code and data distributions. - VERSION= 2016a + VERSION= 2016c      # Email address for bug reports.   BUGEMAIL=
106:      # Add the following to the end of the "CFLAGS=" line as needed.   # -DBIG_BANG=-9999999LL if the Big Bang occurred at time -9999999 (see zic.c) + # -DHAVE_DECL_ASCTIME_R=0 if <time.h> does not declare asctime_r + # -DHAVE_DIRECT_H if mkdir needs <direct.h> (MS-Windows)   # -DHAVE_DOS_FILE_NAMES if file names have drive specifiers etc. (MS-DOS)   # -DHAVE_GETTEXT=1 if 'gettext' works (GNU, Linux, Solaris); also see LDLIBS   # -DHAVE_INCOMPATIBLE_CTIME_R=1 if your system's time.h declares
116:   # -DHAVE_LOCALTIME_RZ=0 if you do not want zdump to use localtime_rz   # This defaults to 1 if a working localtime_rz seems to be available.   # localtime_rz can make zdump significantly faster, but is nonstandard. + # -DHAVE_POSIX_DECLS=0 if your system's include files do not declare + # functions like 'link' or variables like 'tzname' required by POSIX   # -DHAVE_STDINT_H=1 if you have a pre-C99 compiler with "stdint.h"   # -DHAVE_STRFTIME_L=1 if <time.h> declares locale_t and strftime_l   # This defaults to 0 if _POSIX_VERSION < 200809, 1 otherwise.
360:    tzfile.5.txt tzselect.8.txt zic.8.txt zdump.8.txt \    date.1.txt   COMMON= CONTRIBUTING LICENSE Makefile NEWS README Theory - WEB_PAGES= tz-art.htm tz-link.htm + WEB_PAGES= tz-art.htm tz-how-to.html tz-link.htm   DOCS= $(MANS) date.1 $(MANTXTS) $(WEB_PAGES)   PRIMARY_YDATA= africa antarctica asia australasia \    europe northamerica southamerica