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2015-05-01 09:51:59 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to tzdata2015d.

5:   PACKAGE= tzcode      # Version numbers of the code and data distributions. - VERSION= 2015c + VERSION= 2015d      # Email address for bug reports.   BUGEMAIL=
120:   # -DHAVE_STDINT_H=1 if you have a pre-C99 compiler with "stdint.h"   # -DHAVE_STRFTIME_L=1 if <time.h> declares locale_t and strftime_l   # This defaults to 0 if _POSIX_VERSION < 200809, 1 otherwise. + # -DHAVE_STRDUP=0 if your system lacks the strdup function   # -DHAVE_SYMLINK=0 if your system lacks the symlink function   # -DHAVE_SYS_STAT_H=0 if your compiler lacks a "sys/stat.h"   # -DHAVE_SYS_WAIT_H=0 if your compiler lacks a "sys/wait.h"
330:   # ':' on typical hosts; 'ranlib' on the ancient hosts that still need ranlib.   RANLIB= :    - TZCOBJS= zic.o scheck.o ialloc.o + TZCOBJS= zic.o   TZDOBJS= zdump.o localtime.o asctime.o   DATEOBJS= date.o localtime.o strftime.o asctime.o   LIBSRCS= localtime.c asctime.c difftime.c   LIBOBJS= localtime.o asctime.o difftime.o   HEADERS= tzfile.h private.h - NONLIBSRCS= zic.c zdump.c scheck.c ialloc.c + NONLIBSRCS= zic.c zdump.c   NEWUCBSRCS= date.c strftime.c   SOURCES= $(HEADERS) $(LIBSRCS) $(NONLIBSRCS) $(NEWUCBSRCS) \    tzselect.ksh
654:   asctime.o: private.h tzfile.h   date.o: private.h   difftime.o: private.h - ialloc.o: private.h +    localtime.o: private.h tzfile.h - scheck.o: private.h +    strftime.o: private.h tzfile.h   zdump.o: version.h   zic.o: private.h tzfile.h version.h