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2014-11-12 23:43:47 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to tzdata2014j.

1:   News for the tz database    + Release 2014j - 2014-11-10 17:37:11 -0800 +  +  Changes affecting current and future time stamps +  +  Turks & Caicos' switch from US eastern time to UTC-4 year-round +  did not occur on 2014-11-02 at 02:00. It's currently scheduled +  for 2015-11-01 at 02:00. (Thanks to Chris Walton.) +  +  Changes affecting past time stamps +  +  Many pre-1989 time stamps have been corrected for Asia/Seoul and +  Asia/Pyongyang, based on sources for the Korean-language Wikipedia +  entry for time in Korea. (Thanks to Sanghyuk Jung.) Also, no +  longer guess that Pyongyang mimicked Seoul time after World War II, +  as this is politically implausible. +  +  Some more zones have been turned into links, when they differed +  from existing zones only for older time stamps. As usual, +  these changes affect UTC offsets in pre-1970 time stamps only. +  Their old contents have been moved to the 'backzone' file. +  The affected zones are: Africa/Addis_Ababa, Africa/Asmara, +  Africa/Dar_es_Salaam, Africa/Djibouti, Africa/Kampala, +  Africa/Mogadishu, Indian/Antananarivo, Indian/Comoro, and +  Indian/Mayotte. +  +  Changes affecting commentary +  +  The commentary is less enthusiastic about Shanks as a source, +  and is more careful to distinguish UT from UTC. +  +    Release 2014i - 2014-10-21 22:04:57 -0700       Changes affecting future time stamps
133:       Turks & Caicos is switching from US eastern time to UTC-4 year-round,    modeled as a switch from EST/EDT to AST on 2014-11-02 at 02:00. +  [As noted in 2014j, this switch was later delayed.]       Changes affecting past time stamps