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2019-02-06 22:24:08 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Updated to tzdata2018i.

406:    EAT East Africa,    EST/EDT/EWT/EPT/EDDT Eastern [North America],    EET/EEST Eastern European, -  GST Guam, +  GST/GDT Guam,    HST/HDT/HWT/HPT Hawaii,    HKT/HKST Hong Kong,    IST India,
1238:   use <a href="">Mars time</a>.   Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) coordinators kept Mars time on   and off during the - <a href="">Mars + <a href="">Mars   Pathfinder</a> mission.   Some of their family members also adapted to Mars time.   Dozens of special Mars watches were built for JPL workers who kept
1261:   honor of the British astronomer who built the Greenwich telescope that   defines Earth's prime meridian.   Mean solar time on the Mars prime meridian is - called <a href="">Mars - Coordinated Time (<abbr>MTC</abbr>)</a>. + called Mars Coordinated Time (<abbr>MTC</abbr>).   </p>      <p>