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2014-12-04 19:24:14 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Nettle.Cipher: Major refactoring of the ciphers.

The cipher state now uses parent pointers instead of mixins.

Renamed Nettle.<CIPHER>_Info to Nettle.<CIPHER> and
moved Nettle.<CIPHER>_State to Nettle.<CIPHER>.State.

Adjusted the corresponding code in Crypto, so that the APIs
there should be the same as before.

10:   //! and you want to use Arcfour, always hash the key before feeding it   //! to Arcfour.    - #if constant(Nettle) && constant(Nettle.ARCFOUR_Info) + #if constant(Nettle) && constant(Nettle.ARCFOUR)    - // NOTE: Depends on the order of INIT invocations. - inherit Nettle.ARCFOUR_Info; - inherit .Cipher; + inherit Nettle.ARCFOUR;    - .CipherState `()() { return Nettle.ARCFOUR_State(); } -  +    #else   constant this_program_does_not_exist=1;   #endif