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2004-02-14 02:52:22 by Martin Nilsson <>

Possibly the last stage in the Crypto makeover. Installing some phase-outs.

Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/arcfour.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/cast.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/des.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/idea.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/md2.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/md4.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/md5.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/rijndael.pike:1.1
Rev: lib/modules/Crypto.pmod/sha.pike:1.1

1:    + #pike 7.4 +  + #warning Crypto.cast is deprecated. Use Crypto.CAST instead. +  + inherit Crypto.cast;   Newline at end of file added.