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2016-02-10 10:37:29 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Filesystem.Monitor [Inotify]: Don't attempt inotify on nonexisting paths.

Inotify will always fail if the monitored path doesn't exist.

Fixes complaint about attempting to monitor nonexistent paths.

992: Inside #if undefined(INHIBIT_INOTIFY_MONITOR)
   }       // NB: We need to follow symlinks here. +  // Currently we only support changing symlinks and symlinks to directories. +  // FIXME: Handle broken symlinks where the target later shows up and +  // symlinks to changing files.    Stdio.Stat st = file_stat(path);    mixed err; -  if (!(flags & MF_AUTO) || (st && st->isdir)) { +  if (st && (!(flags & MF_AUTO) || st->isdir)) {    // Note: We only want to add watchers on directories. File    // notifications will take place on the directory watch    // descriptors. Expansion of the path to cover notifications