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2018-01-19 15:28:07 by Per Cederqvist <>

Always name the 4th argument of bind reuse_port instead of share

30:   //! @param certificate   //! An optional SSL certificate or chain of certificates with the host   //! certificate first, provided in binary format. - //! @param share - //! If true, the connection will be shared if possible. See + //! @param reuse_port + //! If true, enable SO_REUSEPORT if the OS supports it. See   //! @[Stdio.Port.bind] for more information   protected void create(function(Request:void) callback,    void|int port,    void|string interface,    void|string|Crypto.Sign.State key,    void|string|array(string) certificate, -  void|int share) +  void|int reuse_port)   {    ::create();   
55:    else    set_default_keycert();    -  if (!bind(portno, new_connection, this::interface, share)) +  if (!bind(portno, new_connection, this::interface, reuse_port))    error("Failed to bind port %s%d: %s\n",    interface?interface+":":"", portno, strerror(errno()));   }