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2016-05-09 22:21:49 by Pontus Östlund <>

Protocols.HTTP.Query: Fixed an old bug ( where basically the timeout in timed_async_fetch wasn't reset each new data read.
This timeout had it's own property (data_timeout) which now is "deprecated" since the property "timeout" pretty much serves the same purpose, but on connection. So now timeout is the default value to use unless data_timeout is explicitly set, in which case that value will be used.
Since there was no proper way to set a max time for the entire operation (well, that was by accident and not intention how the data_timeout in timed_async_fetch worked) the new property "maxtime" has been added. If this is set (default is 0=indefinetly) the request will be aborted after maxtime second even if data is still being read.

So in short:

data_timeout = 0 // unless explicitly set
timeout = 120 // connection timeout, and then data read timeout
maxtime = 0 // 0 = off, otherwise the entire operation must be done within maxtime seconds or else the request is aborted

Protocols.HTTP.Session: Added some documentation

Protocols.HTTP.Promise: New module which utilise the new Concurrent.Promise/Future stuff for HTTP requests. Internally uses Protcols.HTTP.Session for the actual HTTP stuff.

Web.Api.Api: Now fetches data asynchronously when async calls are made.

Concurrent: on_success and on_fail now returns the object being called so that they can be chained.

Parser.Markdown: Fixed the #require macro directive.

2:      import Protocols.HTTP;    + //! A URL which is either a string a @[Standards.URI] or a @[SessionURL].   typedef string|Standards.URI|SessionURL URL;      //! The number of redirects to follow, if any.