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2015-08-06 01:22:40 by Martin Nilsson <>

More things to do.

209:    data after each packet. Also, it is probably possible to find    only one place in the code where data can be fed to the    streaming hash. +  +  Currently Pike will always try to maximize the number of bits +  used for certificates, key exchanges, cipher keys and +  hashes. Another popular approach that should be supported is +  to minimize the bits used, above the set threashold. The +  rationale is that everything allowed is good enough and the +  capability negotiation should optimize on consumed resources. +  +  Servers with different certificates and parameters can sit on +  the same port with different SNI, or with different ALPN. We +  should make it possible to select Context based on negotiation +  (made tricky, as the negotiation depends on the Context). +  +  It should be possible to lazy load certificates to increase +  startup time and reduce memory usage for servers with many +  sites. Dynamic loading and unloaded could be part of the same +  mechanism as the Context selection mentioned above.