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2014-05-17 11:43:36 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

SSL.sslfile: Changed client/server selection API.

Client and server operation is now selected by calling either
connect() (client-side) or accept() (server-side) after creating
the SSL.sslfile object.

Blocking handshaking mode is selected by calling set_blocking()
before either of the above.

143:    // Make sure all cipher suites are available.    ctx->preferred_suites = ctx->get_suites(-1, 2);    werror("Starting\n"); -  ssl = SSL.sslfile(con, ctx, 1); +  ssl = SSL.sslfile(con, ctx); +  ssl->connect();    ssl->set_nonblocking(got_data, write_cb, con_closed);    }   }