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2016-02-25 20:36:09 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

Revert "pgsql: Kludge around clone race in Pike core."

This reverts commit cf00cb85e1defdc09d1cca6ada1c9b1eb1e0853a.

The kludge should not be needed anymore due to a checked in fix
in the Pike compiler.

217:       if(!_port)    _port = PGSQL_DEFAULT_PORT; -  -  // FIXME Looks like a bug in the cloning of an object -  // If we do not loop here, and this function is called in two threads -  // simultaneously, *and* the .pgsql_util class has not been instantiated -  // yet, then Pike can throw an "Attempting to clone an unfinished program" -  // error. -  -  while(catch(.pgsql_util.register_backend())) // Placate race in cloning -  sleep(0); // Yield +  .pgsql_util.register_backend();    _shortmux=Thread.Mutex();    reconnect();   }