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2014-11-20 22:22:42 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

pgsql: Coalesce packets to reduce overhead.

1899:    // followed by a flush, it makes a VERY noticeable difference in    // performance if it is omitted; seems like a flaw in the PostgreSQL    // server v8.3.3 +  // In v8.4 and later, things speed up slightly when it is omitted.    PD("Parse statement %O=%O\n",preparedname,q);    plugbuffer=c->start()->add_int8('P') -  ->add_hstring(({preparedname,0,q,"\0\0\0"}),4,4)->add(PGFLUSH); +  ->add_hstring(({preparedname,0,q,"\0\0\0"}),4,4); //->add(PGFLUSH);    }    portal._preparedname=preparedname;    if(!tp || !tp.datatypeoid) {