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2014-11-13 08:58:44 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

pgsql: Slow down driver even further.

Statements eligible to be automatically preparsed and kept in the
statement cache have to be parsed synchronously too to prevent
accidental reordering of parsing order.

1953:    (portal._unnamedstatementkey=    (syncparse?unnamedstatement->lock:unnamedstatement->trylock)(1))    ? "" : PTSTMTPREFIX+int2hex(ptstmtcount++); +  else if(syncparse) +  portal._unnamedstatementkey=unnamedstatement->lock(1);    // Even though the protocol doesn't require the Parse command to be    // followed by a flush, it makes a VERY noticeable difference in    // performance if it is omitted; seems like a flaw in the PostgreSQL