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2017-11-10 00:28:26 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

Revert "pgsql: Signal EOF first, to avoid deadlock on object destruction."

This reverts commit f342376c815d0f060e69fb3aba761e817c9583a1.

The race has instead been fixed correctly by:
pgsql: Cater for race during asynchronous destruction of bufcon.

1206:    if(statusccomplete && !statuscmdcomplete)    statuscmdcomplete=statusccomplete;    inflight=0; -  datarows->write(1); // Signal EOF +     conxsess plugbuffer;    if (!catch(plugbuffer = c->start()))    plugbuffer->sendcmd(_closeportal(plugbuffer));    _state=CLOSED; -  +  datarows->write(1); // Signal EOF    releaseconditions();    }