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2017-11-30 12:09:42 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Crypto.Hash.SCRAM: Moved class.

Move Crypto.SCRAM to __builtin.Nettle.Hash()->SCRAM analogous to
other similar APIs.

Crypto.SCRAM(Crypto.SHA256) is now Crypto.SHA256.SCRAM().

Also updates the testsuite and Sql.pgsql_util accordingly.

1432:    final string host;    final int(0..65535) port;    private string database, user, pass; -  private Crypto.SCRAM SASLcontext; +  private Crypto.Hash.SCRAM SASLcontext;    final Thread.Condition waitforauthready;    final Thread.Mutex shortmux;    final int readyforquerycount;
1785:    #endif    }    if (k) { -  SASLcontext = Crypto.SCRAM(Crypto.SHA256); +  SASLcontext = Crypto.SHA256.SCRAM();    word = SASLcontext.client_1();    authresponse(({    "SCRAM-SHA-256", 0, sprintf("%4c", sizeof(word)), word