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2014-01-11 13:30:06 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Crypto.RSA: pkcs_algorithm_id() ==> pkcs_signature_algorithm_id()

Renamed the function above in Crypto.RSA and Crypto.DSA to
avoid confusion with the similar algorithm_identifier().

128:   string sign_key(Sequence issuer, Crypto.RSA|Crypto.DSA c, Crypto.Hash h,    Sequence subject, int serial, int ttl, array|void extensions)   { -  Sequence algorithm_id = c->pkcs_algorithm_id(h); +  Sequence algorithm_id = c->pkcs_signature_algorithm_id(h);    if(!algorithm_id) error("Can't use %O for %O.\n", h, c);    Sequence tbs = make_tbs(issuer, algorithm_id,    subject, c->pkcs_public_key(),    Integer(serial), ttl, extensions);    -  return Sequence(({ tbs, c->pkcs_algorithm_id(h), +  return Sequence(({ tbs, c->pkcs_signature_algorithm_id(h),    BitString(c->pkcs_sign(tbs->get_der(), h))    }))->get_der();   }