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2004-10-14 11:19:33 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added a rebuttal to the "thought-through" choice to let the Thread
module double as Thread.Thread class. The mess itself is still
untouched, though.

Rev: lib/modules/Thread.pmod:1.42

7: Inside #if constant(thread_create)
  // It's now possible to write Thread Thread( ... );   //   // This makes the interface look somewhat more thought-through. +  + // Unfortunately that is completely and utterly wrong. The loads of + // optional modifiers in this file is a telltale sign that the module + // Thread, which contains tools to use with threads, and + // Thread.Thread, which represent a specific thread, are two + // completely different things. That being the case, it's hardly wise + // to give them the same name.   // -  + // An example where this stunt breaks down is when this module is + // inherited: If the type name for a thread object is Thread then it's + // reasonable to believe that you can inherit Thread to make a custom + // thread class with some extra context. But not only do you get loads + // of stuff with that inherit which are meaningless to have in a + // thread instance (mutexes, queues, etc), you also get a nonworking + // thread since the create function is overridden here to avoid a + // thread being created when this module is created. + // + // Using Thread as a type name for thread objects is strongly + // discouraged. I.e. use "Thread.Thread t = Thread.Thread()" and _not_ + // "Thread t = Thread()". It's likely that this abomination is cleaned + // up eventually. + // + // /mast +    inherit Thread;      // We don't want to create a thread of the module...