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2010-10-05 22:46:22 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Sorted out the issue with concurrent gc access to pointers.

334:    no risk for races when threads asynchronously dereference lock    space pointers.    - FIXME: What about concurrent gc access to follow pointers? + Note: The gc might concurrently read pointers in any thing, regardless + of its locks. That does however not imply that all pointer updates + have to be atomic: If a pointer gets updated by the locking thread + then the old value gets logged first (c.f. issue "Garbage collector", + item d). The gc checks after reading the pointer from the live thing + if it has been logged, and if so then the logged value is used + instead. Hence the gc never uses the value read from the live thing if + it could have gotten updated concurrenty.         Issue: Lock space locking