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2004-10-21 17:29:03 by Martin Nilsson <>

Don't generated latex

Rev: refdoc/doxygen.cfg:1.2

432:   # *.c *.cc *.cxx *.cpp *.c++ *.java *.ii *.ixx *.ipp *.i++ *.inl *.h *.hh *.hxx *.hpp   # *.h++ *.idl *.odl *.cs *.php *.php3 *.inc *.m *.mm    - FILE_PATTERNS = + FILE_PATTERNS = *.c *.h      # The RECURSIVE tag can be used to turn specify whether or not subdirectories   # should be searched for input files as well. Possible values are YES and NO.
690:   # If the GENERATE_LATEX tag is set to YES (the default) Doxygen will   # generate Latex output.    - GENERATE_LATEX = YES + GENERATE_LATEX = NO      # The LATEX_OUTPUT tag is used to specify where the LaTeX docs will be put.   # If a relative path is entered the value of OUTPUT_DIRECTORY will be