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2019-03-14 10:39:03 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b' into grubba/typechecker-automap

* commit '2470270f500c728d10b8895314d8d8b07016e37b': (18681 commits)
Removed the old typechecker.


2018-02-15 15:54:26 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Merge commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e' into patches/pike63

* commit '75c9d1806f1a69ca21c27a2c2fe1b4a6ea38e77e': (19587 commits)


2011-01-26 21:07:14 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added support for typed constants in the doc extractor.

The type can either be given explicitly between the "constant" keyword and
the identifier, or it can be determined from the constant expression if it's
specified and is a plain literal.

Note: This makes the parsing of constant declarations somewhat more strict,
which can cause errors in existing AutoDoc markup.

This change makes the constant declarations in the GSSAPI module correct.


2008-06-28 21:52:33 by Martin Nilsson <>

Updated keyword documentation

Rev: refdoc/chapters/autodoc.xml:1.2
Rev: refdoc/chapters/compatibility.xml:1.3
Rev: refdoc/chapters/data_types.xml:1.9
Rev: refdoc/inlining.txt:1.4
Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.6


2007-06-02 04:41:42 by Martin Bähr <>

string(min..max) are not width but character values

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeObjects.pmod:1.34
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeParser.pike:1.45
Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.5

2007-06-02 04:11:30 by Martin Bähr <>

string(8) -> string(0..255)

Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.4
Rev: src/builtin_functions.c:1.639
Rev: src/modules/spider/spider.c:1.133


2007-03-04 17:38:39 by Martin Nilsson <>

Store string width in XML.

Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeObjects.pmod:1.32
Rev: lib/modules/Tools.pmod/AutoDoc.pmod/PikeParser.pike:1.43
Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.3


2001-07-18 18:53:02 by Martin Nilsson <>

Mention some more xml tags.

Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.2


2001-07-16 16:08:15 by Martin Nilsson <>

Moved autodoc documentation.

Rev: .autodoc_inlining:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: .autodoc_keywords:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: .autodoc_syntax:1.3(DEAD)
Rev: .autodoc_xml:1.5(DEAD)
Rev: refdoc/inlining.txt:1.1
Rev: refdoc/keywords.txt:1.1
Rev: refdoc/syntax.txt:1.1
Rev: refdoc/xml.txt:1.1