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2003-11-14 10:25:02 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Updates for the move-arounds.

Rev: src/MANIFEST:1.2

78:    type using an arbitrary compare test.       global.h -  Initially included in just about every file. Contains macros for +  Included initially in just about every file. Contains macros for    the chosen Pike integer and float types, and various other basic    macros.   
159:       lex.c    lex.h -  Wrap together the lexer. For mysterious reasons, they also contain -  basic opcode table stuff. +  Wrap together the lexer.       lexer.h    The actual lexer. Included by lex.c for different string widths.    -  +  opcodes.c +  opcodes.h +  Opcode lookup tables and primitives for them. The opcode enums +  also double as token ids in many cases. +     peep.c    peep.h    Wrap together the peephole optimizer, handle the conversion of
343:    (i.e. those not handled in the master), initialization and    cleanup.    -  opcodes.c -  opcodes.h -  Contain the opcode enum but nothing else regarding opcodes (see -  lex.* instead). Instead we find the cast operator support here, -  along with the sscanf implementation. -  +     operators.c    operators.h -  Implement the runtime behavior for all operators except cast. +  Implement the runtime behavior for the operators.       pike_int_types.h    Macros for choosing C compiler integer types for INT64, INT32,
374:    signal_handler.h    Signal and process support.    +  sscanf.c +  sscanf.h +  Implement the sscanf special function. +     svalue.c    svalue.h    Handling of normal and short svalues, e.g. functions to free,