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2004-10-22 00:45:45 by Martin Nilsson <>

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Rev: src/MANIFEST:1.5

414:    most apropriate Pike binary and execute the script given in its    argument with that binary.    + +  A script that works like the generated, but +  preconfigured to work with installed Pikes. Used by pike -x module. +    FIXME: Document these.       acconfig.h    aclocal.m4    install-sh - +     run_autoconfig    smartlink.c    strip_opcodes - +     uncompressor.c      Testsuite
446:    program_id.h    Statically allocated program id numbers.    + +  Template for the specs file, describing the build environment of +  the Pike. Used by pike -x module to build new binary modules with +  the same build options. +     version.c    version.h    Version info.