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2013-11-15 16:34:55 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

MANIFEST: Updated to contain all files in the directory.

1:   File overview   -------------    + Informational +  +  DISCLAIMER +  It's not my fault. +  +  MANIFEST +  This file. +    System interface glue       alloca.c
15:       fdlib.c    fdlib.h -  NT emulation of libc style I/O on fd's. +  NT emulation of POSIX-style I/O on fd's.       pike_cpulib.c    pike_cpulib.h    CPU specific code for implementing atomic locks. Used only when    running without the interpreter lock.    -  +  pike_float.c    pike_float.h    Support stuff for dealing with floats on different systems.   
40:      Tools    +  bitvector.h +  Low-level macros mainly used by the block allocator. +     block_alloc.h    block_alloc_h.h -  +  block_allocator.c +  block_allocator.h    Macro package for defining an allocator that lumps together fixed    size structs into larger blocks. Also contains a simple hash table    implementation for lookup of the structs.
80:    hashtable.h    A simple hash table for pike strings. Used by cpp.c.    +  malloc.c +  Memory allocation functions. This overrides the libc implementation +  of malloc, etc, when --enable-dlmalloc is active (default on WIN32). +     pike_macros.h    Miscellaneous support macros.   
120:    Fast, secure hash function used to prevent hash table DoS    collision attacks.    +  strip-opcodes +  sh-script used to convert interpret_functions.h into +  interpret_protos.h_src. +     stuff.c    stuff.h    Miscellaneous smaller utility functions, primarily numerical.
143:    peep.c to convert it to byte/machine code.       language.c (autogenerated) +  language.c_src (autogenerated)    language.h (autogenerated) -  +  language.h_src (autogenerated) +  language.h_src.nolines (autogenerated)    language.yacc -  +  y.output (autogenerated)    The yacc/bison language productions. These primarily build node    trees (i.e. abstract syntax trees) from the language constructs.       las.c    las.h -  Node tree handling. Wrap together the tree optimizer. Also contain +  Node tree handling. Wrap together the tree optimizer. Also contains    an evaluator for constant expressions and dooptcode which wraps    together the conversion of a node tree for a function body to    optimized byte code.
184:    The bulk of the preprocessor. Included by cpp.c once for each    string width.    +  pike_compiler.h +  Definition of the compilator context. +     program.c    program.h    Implement the data type for programs (aka classes). The compiler
220:    Implements all the opcodes. Included by interpret.c and    interpreter.h.    +  interpret_functions.h.compiled (autogenerated) +  interpret_functions_fixed.h (autogenerated)    interpret_protos.h (autogenerated) -  +  interpret_protos.h.nolines (autogenerated) +  interpret_protos.h_src (autogenerated) +  interpret_protos.h_src.nolines (autogenerated)    Macros for the opcode prototypes. Extracted from    interpret_functions.h.   
230:    when machine code isn't enabled. The opcodes become separate    functions otherwise. Included by interpret.c.    +  OCPikeInterpreter.h +  OCPikeInterpreter.m +  Objective-C interface to the Pike interpreter. +     pikecode.c    pikecode.h    Import the chosen byte code format from the code subdirectory.
247:    between 64 bit ints and bignums on systems where the int type is    shorter.    +  iterators.c (autogenerated)    iterators.cmod -  +  iterators.cmod.compiled (autogenerated)    The interface class for iterators, the built-in iterators, and the    bulk of the foreach opcode.   
276:    Implement the loading of dynamic modules (the load_module    function).    -  modules/ -  Standard modules that don't need the recently built pike in order -  to be built. -  +     module.c    module.h    Maintain the entry and exit hooks for the statically compiled
294:    Tools for importing and exporting symbols between modules. Also    contain helpers for checking arguments on the pike stack.    +  modules/ +  Standard modules that don't need the recently built pike in order +  to be built. +     post_modules/    Standard modules that are built after the pike binary. These need    the recently built pike in order to be built.    -  +  tmodule.c +  module.c replacement when building the temporary tpike binary +  (only used when only static modules are supported). +    Core runtime support    -  +  backend.c (autogenerated)    backend.cmod -  +  backend.cmod.compiled (autogenerated)    backend.h    Implement Pike.Backend, i.e. callback driven I/O and call outs.    -  +  builtin.c (autogenerated)    builtin.cmod -  +  builtin.cmod.compiled (autogenerated)    builtin_functions.c    builtin_functions.h    Implement various core functions (mostly efuns).
313:       case_info.h (autogenerated)    Case tables for lower_case and upper_case in builtin_functions.c. +  Generated from UnicodeData.txt.    -  whitespace.h (autogenerated) -  Unicode whitespace characters used in builtin.cmod. -  +     combine_path.h    Template for combine_path in builtin_functions.c.   
324:    constants.h    The global constants mapping, along with the support for efuns.    +  dtrace/ +  DTrace probe definitions. +     encode.c    encode.h    Implement encode_value and decode_value. Contain low-level
344:       main.c    main.h -  The entry point. Contain parsing of low-level command arguments +  The entry point. Contains parsing of low-level command arguments    (i.e. those not handled in the master), initialization and    cleanup.   
352:    operators.h    Implement the runtime behavior for the operators.    +  pike_embed.c +  pike_embed.h +  The entry points suitable for use when embedding Pike in +  another binary. +     pike_int_types.h    Macros for choosing C compiler integer types for INT64, INT32,    INT16 and INT8.
365:    pike_types.h    Handling of types in pike.    -  security.c +     pike_security.h -  +  security.c    The pike security system.       signal_handler.c    signal_handler.h    Signal and process support.    -  +  sprintf.c +  Implement the sprintf function. +     sscanf.c    sscanf.h    Implement the sscanf special function.    -  sprintf.c -  Implement the sprintf function. +  stack_allocator.c +  stack_allocator.h +  Stack-based memory handling for sprintf.       svalue.c    svalue.h
390:    threads.h    Thread support. Provides a generic thread farm too.    +  whitespace.h (autogenerated) +  Unicode whitespace characters used in builtin.cmod. +  Generated from UnicodeData.txt. +    Build system    - -  The Makefile template. Used by configure to generate a Makefile. -  +  acconfig.h +  aclocal.m4    The configure template. Used by run_autoconfig to generate    configure.    -  +  configure (autogenerated) + (autogenerated) +  Configuration script and template file. Generated by run_autoconfig. +  +  dependencies (autogenerated) +  Inter-file dependencies. +     dumpmaster.pike    Codec made especially for dumping the Pike master.   
406:    A list of the files and directories that should be included in a    source dist. Used by bin/export.pike.    +  install-sh +  sh-script substitute for install(1) where it is not available. +     install-welcome    GIF image used in the Pike GTK installer.    -  + +  The Makefile template. Used by configure to generate a Makefile. +  +  make_banner.pike +  Make a banner image for the WIN32 installer. +  + +  Template for propagating make variables in the subdirectories. +     patch_cc1.c    Small utility that binary patches gcc so that it doesn't use    .ua{half,word} directives. May be invoked by configure.    -  +  Pike_ui.wxs +  User interface description for the Pike WIN32 installer. +    Template to create, a utility script that finds the    most apropriate Pike binary and execute the script given in its
422:    A script that works like the generated, but    preconfigured to work with installed Pikes. Used by pike -x module.    - FIXME: Document these. -  -  acconfig.h -  aclocal.m4 -  install-sh - +     run_autoconfig -  +  Script to recursively run autoconf and autoheader with the correct +  arguments to generate the configure scripts. +     smartlink.c -  strip_opcodes +  A wrapper for the C compiler and linker to achieve reasonably +  compiler-independent argument handling. +  + +  Time stamp file indicating when configure and were +  last regenerated. +     uncompressor.c -  +  Strap for the old self-extracting Pike installer on WIN32.    -  + FIXME: Document these. +  +  libpike.symlist +  mklibpike.pike +    Testsuite       test_co.pike
444:    test_gc.pike    GC destruct order test. Used by    +  test_resolve.pike +  Test resolution of all modules. Used by +    Testsuite for the core.   
457:    the Pike. Used by pike -x module to build new binary modules with    the same build options.    -  version.c -  version.h -  Version info. -  +     UnicodeData-ReadMe.txt    UnicodeData.txt    The standard unicode database. Data from this is extracted to    build tables for various functions, e.g. the Unicode module and    case_info.h (lower_case/upper_case). -  +  +  version.c +  version.h +  Version info.