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2015-01-25 11:09:40 by Arne Goedeke <>

SipHash24: added byte order independent versions for wide strings

- the current siphash version does not know about wide strings, so
the hash value for wide strings depends on the byte order. added
versions for both 16 and 32 bit wide chars
- also replaced the manual little endian reading routines by the
get_unaligned_le64 macros, which generate much shorter code for
- added siphash24_pike_string which will generate a byte order
independent hash value
- use siphash24_pike_string in ADT.Bloom.String

186:    svalue.o \    las.o \    builtin_functions.o \ +  siphash24.o \    peep.o @EXTRA_OBJS@      OBJ=$(CORE_OBJ) @MODULE_O@