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2006-07-04 23:44:04 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Made the clean targets more consistent. Added cleaning of various files
created on windows.

Rev: src/
Rev: src/modules/

1:   # - # $Id:,v 1.432 2006/07/04 23:16:47 mast Exp $ + # $Id:,v 1.433 2006/07/04 23:44:04 mast Exp $   #      # This line is needed on some machines.
573:      # tidy up a bit   tidy: -  -rm -f *.fail *.o *.obj *.pp *.protos core y.output -  -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/core *.o *.i *.i~ dynloadtest* +  -rm -f *.fail *.pp *.protos core y.output +  -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/core *.i *.i~ dynloadtest* +  -rm -f conftest.* hdrlist.h a.out.exe    -rm testsuite testsuite.tmp testsuite_test.pike testsuite_test_dir.pmod -  -find lib -type f -name \*.o | xargs rm -f +  -find lib -type f -name \*.o -o -name \*.obj | xargs rm -f      # make clean   clean_here: tidy doc_clean    -( cd tlib; find . -name testsuite | xargs rm )    -( cd extra_tests; find . -name testsuite | xargs rm ) -  -rm -f confdefs.h conftest.* -  -rm -rf test-install test-pike tpike +  -rm -f confdefs.h +  -rm -rf test-install test-pike tpike *.manifest *.pdb    -rm -f TAGS tags yacc.acts yacc.debug yacc.tmp *.debug.log a.out pike.tmp    -rm -f hilfe rsif master.pike compiler-warnings dumpmodule.log    -rm -f interpreter_debug.h lexer?.h
604:    -( cd post_modules; $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) spotless )    -(cd $(SRCDIR); find . -type f -name '*' -print) | \    sed -e 's/\.in$$//' | xargs rm -f -  -rm -f Makefile config.* make_variables specs pike.syms hdrlist.h +  -rm -f Makefile config.* make_variables specs pike.syms    -rm -f core core.* .pure stamp-h    -rm -f lexical.c mon.out *.ln -  -rm -f pike pike.old l.outa* num_files_to_install +  -rm -f pike pike.old l.outa* num_files_to_install *.exe    -rm -f smartlink    -rm -rf tlib extra_tests lib precompile