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1996-11-03 06:22:59 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

--without-threads added

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10:    --without-gmp compile without gmp support    --without-readline compile without readline support    --without-debug compile without runtime debugging +  --without-threads compile without threads support       You might also want to set the following environment variables:    CFLAGS Put extra flags for your C compiler here.
60:      5) Your gmp/readline/gdbm libraries might not be working or incorrectly    installed, start over by running configure with the approperiate -  --without-xxx arguments. +  --without-xxx arguments. Also note that threads might give problems +  with I/O and signals. If so you need to run configure --without-threads.      6) Try a different compiler, malloc, compiler-compiler and/or make.    (if you have any other)