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2014-06-26 18:14:58 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Build: Support compilers with union aliasing problems.

There are apparently compilers that don't understand that the
fields in unions overlap, and overcache overwritten fieldvalues.

Also restores support for compilers without support for static union init.

576:   /* set this to the modifier type string to print INT64 if that type exists */   #undef PRINTINT64    - /* Define if the compiler understand union initializations. */ + /* Define if the compiler understands union initializations. */   #undef HAVE_UNION_INIT    -  + /* Define if the compiler has problems with union aliasing. */ + #undef NO_COMBINED_TYPE_SUBTYPE +    /* Define when binary --disable-binary is used. */   #undef DISABLE_BINARY