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2018-11-28 19:40:22 by William Welliver <>

debugger: include filename when setting breakpoint

527:         PMOD_EXPORT - PIKEFUN int add_breakpoint(program p, int line_number) + PIKEFUN int add_breakpoint(program p, string fname, int line_number)    optflags OPT_SIDE_EFFECT;   efun;   {    ptrdiff_t pc_offset;    -  // TODO: low_get_offset_for_line doesn't see the file name when a class comes from multiple files (eg via includes), which -  // can cause the breakpoint to be set on the wrong spot. we need to check to see if the markers are actually present and there's -  // a bug in the line-number reading code, or if there's a bug in the line-number generation code. -  pc_offset = low_get_offset_for_line(p, line_number); +  // TODO: we need to develop the line search further: a file can be included multiple times within a program, and so +  // in theory, a breakpoint for a line within a file could actually be multiple breakpoints. we stop at the first one. +  pc_offset = low_get_offset_for_line(p, fname, line_number);    pop_n_elems(args);    bp_offset = pc_offset;    bp_prog = p;