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2012-12-30 15:37:27 by 0

Wrap unused parameters in UNUSED(), and debug-only parameters in DEBUGUSED(), to cut
down on compiler warnings. The macro also renames parameters to catch accidental use.
(There are more places to clean up but I don't want to modify code that isn't compiling
on my machine.)

3218:   /* FIXME: This function messes around with the implementation of pike_type,    * and should probably be in pike_types.h instead.    */ - static node *fix_overloaded_type(node *n, int lfun, const char *deftype, int deftypelen) + static node *fix_overloaded_type(node *n, int lfun, const char *deftype, int UNUSED(deftypelen))   {    node **first_arg;    struct pike_type *t, *t2;