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2019-03-18 22:27:31 by Tobias S. Josefowitz <>

GC: Silence compiler warnings

GCC 8 warns more agressively about mismatching signatures of function
pointers. To silence it, now we have an explicit do_gc_callback()
function of the correct signature, which calls do_gc(). Adjusted
do_gc()'s signature in the process, as there is no reason for it to be
semi-compatible with callbacks anymore.

5492:    break;    default:    pop_n_elems(args); -  res = do_gc(NULL, 1); +  res = do_gc(1);    break;    }    push_int(res);
5830: Inside #if defined(PIKE_DEBUG)
  #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    do_debug(); /* Calls do_gc() since d_flag > 3. */   #else -  do_gc(NULL, 1); +  do_gc(1);   #endif    d_flag=tmp;    pop_n_elems(args);