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2019-02-26 12:15:30 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

EFUNs: backtrace() now takes an optional argument.

Calling backtrace() with an argument of 1 now causes
it to return an array(LiveBacktraceFrame) instead of
an array(BacktraceFrame).

193:   PMOD_EXPORT void f_function_name(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_function_object(INT32 args);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_function_program(INT32 args); - void low_backtrace(struct Pike_interpreter_struct *); + void low_backtrace(struct Pike_interpreter_struct *, int flags);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_backtrace(INT32 args);      struct pike_list_node