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2017-02-21 20:49:34 by Martin Karlgren <>

Add --with-mc-stack-frames configure option. (Currently X86-64 only.)

This will enable frame pointers in machine code, thereby allowing e.g.
Linux perf to unwind the stack and get proper stack traces including
Pike functions.

1411:   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(internal-profiling, MY_DESCR([--with-internal-profiling],    [add profiling code for various internal things]),    [AC_DEFINE(INTERNAL_PROFILING)]) + MY_AC_ARG_WITH(mc-stack-frames, MY_DESCR([--with-mc-stack-frames], +  [add machine code to generate proper stack frames (X86-64 only)]), +  [AC_DEFINE(MACHINE_CODE_STACK_FRAMES)])   MY_AC_ARG_WITH(pg, MY_DESCR([--with-pg],[use the gcc -pg option]),    [PROFIL=-pg])   AC_ARG_WITH(poll, MY_DESCR([--with-poll], [use poll instead of select]), [], [