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2017-07-19 17:17:41 by Bill Welliver <>

Build: Attempt to get both Solaris and OSX to build with c99 support.

1620:    if test "x$enable_werror" = "xyes"; then    AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-Werror,error,WARN)    fi -  +     if test "x${GCC-}" = xyes ; then    # Do not use -Wall, since that produces a lot of warnings that are not    # really interresting (such as the warning for if( ... ) ... if(
1654:    # NB: Both $CPP and $CC need to be configured to support    # the same version of the C standard. Otherwise there    # will be build failures on eg Solaris. -  AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-std=c99, std_c99, CPP) -  AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-std=c99, std_c99, CC) -  +  AC_SYS_OS_COMPILER_FLAG(Solaris, -std=c99, std_c99, CPP) +  AC_SYS_OS_COMPILER_FLAG(Solaris, -std=c99, std_c99, CC) +  AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-std=c99, std_c99, CFLAGS)    if test "x$with_gcov" = "xyes"; then    # Support for gcov    AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG(-fprofile-arcs, fprofile_arcs, CFLAGS)