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2018-03-26 18:28:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Configure [Solaris]: Improved compat with old system header files.

Old Solaris header files don't like __STDC__ being set to 1
(or higher), at which point they start using unions for 64-bit
integers. This causes other headerfiles to generate broken macros
(cf <sys/types.h> longlong_t and <sys/resource.h> RLIM_INFINITY).

1326:   AC_ARG_ENABLE(werror, MY_DESCR([--enable-werror],    [enable -Werror compilation]))    + AC_SYS_COMPILER_FLAG_REQUIREMENTS +    if test "$cflags_is_set" = "no"; then    if test "x$with_cdebug" = "xno" ; then    CFLAGS=`echo " $CFLAGS " | sed -e 's@ -g @ @g'`