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2018-02-03 13:57:26 by Tobias S. Josefowitz <>

[build] Explicitely check --with-mpi in sub files

The ac_user_opts related variables do not always get propagated in the
way that src/modules/ expects. Checking --with-mpi
explicitely in sub-configures that use the setting gets around the

AC_ARG_WITH lowercases the variable name as well, so
src/modules/ now also lowercases ${with_{$MODNAME}} when
checking whether to build a module.

1128:    [],[with_devpoll=yes])   AC_ARG_WITH(gdbm, MY_DESCR([--without-gdbm],[no GNU database manager support]))   AC_ARG_WITH(mpi, MY_DESCR([--with-mpi],[enable MPI suppport]), -  [export with_MPI=$withval], -  [export with_MPI=no]) +  [], [with_mpi=no])   AC_ARG_WITH(gmp, MY_DESCR([--without-gmp],[no support for Gmp bignums]))   AC_ARG_WITH(zlib, MY_DESCR([--without-zlib],[disable gz compression support]),    [],[with_zlib=yes])