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2014-12-04 19:23:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Remove --without-bignums.

1600:   AC_ARG_WITH(deprecated-security, MY_DESCR([--with-deprecated-security],    [enable internal pike security system]),    [AC_DEFINE(PIKE_SECURITY)]) - AC_ARG_WITH(bignums, MY_DESCR([--without-bignums], -  [disable internal conversion to bignums (not recommended)]), -  [],[with_bignums=yes]) +    dnl Shared nodes has been disabled in an ugly way. To enable it you   dnl need to remove the line that sets the OPT_NOT_SHARED flag at the   dnl top of freeze_node in src/las.c. /mast
1679:    PIKE_MSG_WARN([Disabling of USE_PIKE_TYPE is no longer supported.])   fi    - if test "x$with_bignums" = xyes; then +    AC_DEFINE(AUTO_BIGNUM)   if test "x$with_gmp" = xno; then -  AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot compile --with-bignums without the GMP library - It is highly recommended that you install a working GMP - library on your system as that will add features to Pike - required by many applications (such as Roxen). However, - if you know that you do not need GMP, you may re-run configure - with the option --without-bignums instead.]) -  else :; fi - else -  PIKE_MSG_WARN([****** Compiling without bignum support. This is discouraged. Many - ****** Pike applications might not work correctly.]) -  sleep 10 +  AC_MSG_ERROR([The GMP library is required to compile Pike.])   fi      dnl Pike currently breaks miserably if SHARED_NODES is not defined.