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2001-08-29 16:11:03 by Martin Stjernholm <>

A language fix.

Rev: src/

1: - AC_REVISION("$Id:,v 1.543 2001/08/23 18:10:57 per Exp $") + AC_REVISION("$Id:,v 1.544 2001/08/29 16:11:03 mast Exp $")   AC_INIT(interpret.c)   AC_CONFIG_HEADER(machine.h)   
1028:    AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot compile --with-bignums without the GMP library   It is highly recommended that you install a working GMP   library on your system as that will add features to Pike - required by many applications. (Such as Roxen) However, + required by many applications (such as Roxen). However,   if you know that you do not need GMP, you may re-run configure   with the option --without-bignums instead.   ])