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2014-12-04 19:24:34 by Bill Welliver <>

Backend: Darwin's poll(2) is based on kqueue(2), so there's no
benefit to supporting poll independently.

1546:   AC_ARG_WITH(poll, MY_DESCR([--with-poll], [use poll instead of select]), [], [    # Neither --with-poll nor --without-poll was specified    case "$pike_cv_sys_os" in -  Solaris|HP-UX|OSF1|IRIX|Linux|UnixWare|OpenUNIX|Darwin) +  Solaris|HP-UX|OSF1|IRIX|Linux|UnixWare|OpenUNIX)   # PIKE_MSG_WARN([Defaulting to --with-poll since the OS is $pike_cv_sys_os.])   # Nothing to warn about, really... -  + # NOTE: Darwin (OSX/iOS) have poll, but it's layered on kqueue, so there's no + # real benefit to supporting it separately there.    with_poll=yes    ;;    AIX)