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2001-03-23 03:14:41 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

experimental code for SMP, does nothing exciting yet

Rev: src/acconfig.h:1.83
Rev: src/array.h:1.32
Rev: src/
Rev: src/global.h:1.59
Rev: src/mapping.h:1.35
Rev: src/multiset.h:1.17
Rev: src/object.h:1.60
Rev: src/pike_cpulib.h:1.1
Rev: src/program.h:1.121
Rev: src/stralloc.h:1.60
Rev: src/svalue.h:1.82

1: - AC_REVISION("$Id:,v 1.507 2001/03/23 01:05:41 grubba Exp $") + AC_REVISION("$Id:,v 1.508 2001/03/23 03:14:39 hubbe Exp $")   AC_INIT(interpret.c)   AC_CONFIG_HEADER(machine.h)   
878:   AC_ARG_WITH(bignums, [ --without-bignums disable internal conversion to bignums],[],[with_bignums=yes])   AC_ARG_WITH(shared-nodes,[ --without-shared-nodes disable the SHARED_NODES mode of the optimizer],[],[with_shared_nodes=yes])    + AC_ARG_WITH(shared-nodes,[ --without-lock Enable experimental code for multicpu machines.],[ AC_DEFINE(PIKE_RUN_UNLOCKED) ],[]) +    # This makes configure default to --without-Perl   # Remove this when the Perl module stops crashing and hanging. -Hubbe   AC_ARG_WITH(perl, [ --with-perl enable the embedded Perl module (EXPERIMENTAL)],[],