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2012-01-12 14:49:06 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Compiler: The compiler and runtime are now INT_TYPE-clean wrt line numbers.

60: Inside #if defined(PIKE_DEBUG)
     #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG   PMOD_EXPORT extern int gc_external_refs_zapped; - PMOD_EXPORT void gc_check_zapped (void *a, TYPE_T type, const char *file, int line); + PMOD_EXPORT void gc_check_zapped (void *a, TYPE_T type, const char *file, INT_TYPE line);   #endif      #ifdef DO_PIKE_CLEANUP
107: Inside #if defined(DEBUG_MALLOC)
  PMOD_EXPORT void *debug_malloc_update_location(void *, LOCATION);   PMOD_EXPORT void *debug_malloc_update_location_ptr(void *, ptrdiff_t, LOCATION);   PMOD_EXPORT void *debug_malloc_update_location_bt (void *p, const char *file, -  int line, const char *name); +  INT_TYPE line, const char *name);   void search_all_memheaders_for_references(void);      /* Beware! names of named memory regions are never ever freed!! /Hubbe */ - PMOD_EXPORT void *debug_malloc_name(void *p, const char *fn, int line); + PMOD_EXPORT void *debug_malloc_name(void *p, const char *fn, INT_TYPE line);   PMOD_EXPORT int debug_malloc_copy_names(void *p, void *p2);   char *dmalloc_find_name(void *p);   
174:   void dmalloc_set_mmap_template(void *ptr, struct memory_map *m);   void dmalloc_set_mmap_from_template(void *p, void *p2);   void dmalloc_describe_location(void *p, int offset, int indent); - struct memory_map *dmalloc_alloc_mmap(char *name, int line); + struct memory_map *dmalloc_alloc_mmap(char *name, INT_TYPE line);   void dmalloc_add_mmap_entry(struct memory_map *m,    char *name,    int offset,